A Stuttering Support            and Performance Group

Welcome to the Olde English Theatre!

The Olde English Theatre provides on-stage theatrical experiences to adults and children with vocal and stuttering concerns to promote confidence, a sense of dignity, and self-respect.  Several members of our troupe have life long stutters and others are stroke survivors with vocal and stuttering issues.  We are aware that on stage performance may diminish some stuttering issues.  We take great pride in our association with the "Riverside Chapter" of The National Stuttering Association and the "Olde English Theatre Players."  

The Olde English Theatre also supports education through performance.  Our cornerstone is supporting local and California State arts, reading, and literacy projects.  Including AVID, smARTS and the California State "Friends of the Library" organization via Elizabethan, Dickensian and Victorian  period performances.  We are located in the beautiful mountain community of Idyllwild, California, which inspires us all to be our very best. 

Having a stutter provides you with an insight and sensitivity into society that not all people may enjoy.  Moreover, an even greater reason to embrace a hidden or suppressed theatrical passion.

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions at DougRichelieu@aol.com